Graphic Designs

Crane’s career has spanned 25 years of working in the advertising world. He began before computers were a part of our reality. He knows what type galleys are, what a waxer is, what an exacto knife is really for and how to cut amberliths. But I digress.

Are you starting a business and need branding? How about brochures, stationery or logos that speak your language.

Or maybe you would like art for a personalized set of note cards. Don’t know where to get them designed or printed, now you do.

Crane has also designed tattoos, signage, alphabets, metal dragon hangable and lit wall art, just to name some of his talents. “Life to me is art, it is how I perceive the world, all aspects of life. From how the sock drawer looks to the car we drive are elements of design. A choice of how we present ourselves to the exterior world. Design can also change how we view the world around us.”

“I lost my studio 8 years ago to a flood. It took all of my tangible memories of my career, three portfolios of award winning advertising, art that I couldn’t part with that I had saved, computers with hard drives of fine art, sadly not backed up.”

The images presented are of the last couple of years.